e-storage is a remote storage at which the user can store and retrieve data via web browser or StorageSync, a sofware client on the user's desktop.

The newest feature of e-storage is its mobile app — the e-storage mobile app for iPhone and iPod, and Android versions.

e-Storage Mobile App

e-storage is a mobile cloud storage application dedicated to all TM e-storage users where they can upload and access their files in the cloud anywhere, anytime. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play


  • Access all your documents, photos and videos anywhere, anytime.
  • Take a photo or video and upload directly to the cloud.
  • Upload your photos and videos from your device library.
  • Copy, rename and delete files on your cloud storage.
  • Drop stored files to your contact or other email addresses.
  • Download and save files to local phone storage.
  • Browse local file system and view file content.
  • Send huge files to others easily as download link in email.
  • Backup and restore your address book contacts.
  • Option to persist logon information for automatic login.
  • Set passcode lock to secure your storage access via your device.
  • FAQ and support email.



e-storage includes two main functionalities:

Online Storage Service (OSS)

Any web browser will allow you to access to OSS. The web user interface (WUI) of OSS is simple and user friendly. If you are still feeling clueless, please go the Quick Start User Guide.


  • Access data anywhere anytime with the Internet via the web browser.

  • File Management features such as back-up, upload, download, delete, move, copy, access control and etc.

  • Upload and download specific files up to a maximum of 5 each time.

  • Sharing Files.

    • Use “Send A File” to send a link to your recipient where he/she can download the file from. See an example ( File Sharing 1 in Userguide)

    • Or collaborate with your team members through the Company Share Folder. Use StorgeSync (link to relevant page) to collaborate and share in batch.

  • Encrypt and Decrypt features

  • Manage users (only for enterprise package)

  • Help and guidance to the user.

  • (Un)/Lock to protect integrity of the file. (Enterprise Only)

  • Access Control keeps the User group out of unauthorized folder. (Enterprise Only)

Internet Backup Service (IBS)

StorageSync is the software agent which makes IBS possible. The user will have to install StorageSync on his/her notebook/desktop/file server in order to have the online data backup to work. Please go the Quick Start User Guide for more details.


  • It allows the user to backup and synchronize files and subfolders from any specified folder.

  • The user can schedule the backup or synchronization of the files to the remote storage through the Internet.

  • The user can choose to encrypt and compress the files for security reason.

  • Users can choose the direction of the synchronization: Local to Remote, Remote to Local and Bidirectional.

  • SSL login can be used to ensure secure transmission of login information (usernames and passwords) over the Internet.

  • Comprehensive backup report lists all files being backup. Backup report will be delivered to user automatically via email after each backup job is completed.

  • Access backup data anytime, anywhere by using a browser (OSS).

  • Daily, weekly or monthly scheduled backup or synchronization of files and folders’ structure.

  • Unlimited profiles available for different backups.

  • Tight security with SSL login and transfer.

  • Built-in Encryption for additional security.

  • Resume ability

  • Incremental update if possible.

  • Remote site backup.

  • Anti-virus scanning. (optional)

  • Multiple installations for the same account.



  • Provides inter-branch file access and sharing,

  • Enable organizations to centralize all files servers at one location,

  • Eradicate the need for multiple file servers and subsequently administrative requirements.

  • Auto backup for all desktops, servers, and especially notebook users.

  • The subscribers to e-storage do not need to make any up front investment on hardware and software.

  • No waiting time for technician to repair or exchange of failed hardware.

  • The services can be activated immediately.

  • The subscribers can access the services from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

  • Customers do not require to hire expensive IT support personnel to support the use of e-storage.

  • Instead of doing so, all of these services and supports are provided by TM.

  • Access from anywhere anytime.

  • Many ways of file sharing.

  • Allows different group access for folders.

  • Protects from critical data loss due to hardware crashes, natural causes, theft and break-ins.

  • In-house developed software. Free from viruses, adware or spyware.

  • Anti-virus check.

  • 2 layers of security measure

    • SSL Login and Transfer.

    • Encryption and Decryption.

  • Still can access files during restoration.

  • Synchronization among multiple sites.

  • Mobile access through e-storage app, available for iPhone, iPod and Android mobile devices.

  • Backup phone contacts through e-storage mobile app.

  • Restore contacts in case of contact data loss.

  • Transfer phone contacts across multiple platforms and devices.


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