Share & Collaborate

With e-storage, sharing large files or having huge files shared to you is totally a breeze.

Send files and folders in links

Have you experienced emails being rejected or bounced back due to your email attachments are too large to reach your recipient? Or your recipient’s mailbox is simply too small to accept your huge attachments?

Not anymore with e-storage Send File/Folder function. When you send any files or folders in e-storage, a link will be generated and dropped to your recipients where they can click to download the shared files. It is fast, easy, and you have no problem in sending unlimited numbers of files.

Send File/Folder also allows you to control how long the link will remain available for download by setting an expiration. When the link has expired, your recipients will never be able to download files from that link anymore. As for secure file sharing, you can encrypt your files before sending them over the Internet.

Collaborate with Company Share

The Company Share folder is the common space for everyone in the company. If you’d like to share a file to your colleague, just upload the file into this shared folder, and your colleague will able to access and get it immediately. No more wasting time on transferring files through email or pen drives.

Although all files resided in the Company Share folder are accessible by everyone by default, the administrator can set the User Control Access Rights (UCAR) to control user permission, e.g. to only allow users to view files of certain folders, or to forbid users to delete files in certain folder. This is to ensure a more secure and controlled environment for file sharing and collaboration.

Receive files from anyone via e-mail

Receiving huge files via emails can never be easier with email to e-storage— anyone with email access may just drop you the file, and it will just appear in your Private folder, like they have just been uploaded there.

How it works? You’ll have a temporary mail-in address for this feature, which you can change it anytime you want. Your sender can just drop an email with multiple file attachments to this mail-in address, and you’ll instantly get them in your storage.

As email works everywhere, the things that you could do with email to e-storage can be more than you can imagine— even a fax machine can drop you a fax now. You can also use it for your own private matters, like, using it to back up email attachments by just forwarding the email to the temporary mail-in address.

Public upload

Public Upload is another way for you to receive huge files from your business partners, suppliers or clients. All you need to do is just to enable this feature on your e-storage, and distribute the given public URL to your file senders. By accessing this URL through any web browsers, they can upload multiple huge files, which will then directly appear in your Private folder.

Different from other public shared folder services, Public Upload senders or sharers do not need to register or log in as e-storage users before they can share their files to you. You don't need to invite anyone during the process, too. You’ll just need to share the URL to your friends and business partners and they’ll have the upload permission.

When you don’t want any files being uploaded to your storage via public upload anymore, just disable the feature.