e-Storage Mobile App

e-storage is a mobile cloud storage application dedicated to all e-storage users where they can upload and access their files in the cloud anywhere, anytime.

Your Virtual Hard Drive On The Go

With this mobile app, you can directly store your taken pictures or videos to the cloud – simply snap a photo or video and upload it. You can also upload your photos and videos from your device library to the cloud. Now that it is available in the cloud, you can view it whenever you want!

  • Access all your documents, photos and videos anywhere, anytime.
  • Take a photo or video and upload directly to the cloud.
  • Upload your photos and videos from your device library.
  • Copy, rename and delete files on your cloud storage.
  • Drop stored files to your contact or other email addresses.
  • Download and save files to local phone storage.
  • Browse local file system and view file content.

Mobile File Sharing

Another good thing about this mobile cloud storage application is that it offers you a solution to share huge files over the Internet when email services cannot allow you to send huge file attachment. You can share your files to colleagues through the Company Share Folder or drop a link to your recipients via the Send File/Folder function.

  • Share files and collaborate using the corporate share folder – Company Share.
  • Share huge files to friends or colleagues using the Send File/Folder function.

Contacts Backup and Restore

e-storage is not just about files. Connect your e-storage app with e-Contact and back up all your phone contacts in multiple versions over the air. If your phones get lost or damaged, or you have accidentally lost your contacts, or you are switching to a new phone, no problem; getting back your contacts is a breeze!

If you are using iPhone or iOS devices, you can still use the e-storage for iOS app to backup and restore contacts.