e-Storage Mail Archive

No more worries on email loss or accidental email deletion - you can restore lost emails easily from the archive!

Do you want to store all your emails, but your mailbox size is limited and you have no choice but to delete older emails away, until one day you notice that you need the contact number of someone important that is resided in the signature of those deleted emails? Or, you have archived your emails in PST files with email clients like Microsoft Outlook, but encountered hard disk crash, PST files corrupted or hardware damaged/stolen, that causes all your emails to be gone and not recoverable?

e-storage Mail Archive is the sweet and simple solution for you. Like a virtual library, e-storage Mail Archive allows you to store and retain your emails from any email accounts with just a few clicks. No more hassles on managing PST files or your own mail archive system. Just sit back and relax while e-storage Mail Archive does the work for you.

Simple, convenient and always available

With e-storage Mail Archive, you can store emails from up to three different email accounts. Be it your business email or personal email, you’ll just need to do a simple, one-time configuration, and all your emails will be automatically fetched to the archive system, where you can access from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

It is easy to setup Mail Archive— it’s just like setting up your email on mobile device and mail client. And your archive is always available in the cloud. No more wasting time and effort on archiving emails and backing up archive files manually.

Retrieve emails instantly anytime, anywhere

All your emails are well organized in e-storage Mail Archive. Whenever you need to refer back to a six-months-old or even a few-years-old email, just access to your archive and you can easily search and retrieve one.

You can even send out any emails from your e-storage archive back to your mailbox in case you need them.

An alternative to PST files, which are notorious for corruption

A common technique of archiving emails is by saving them in PST files via email clients like Microsoft Outlook. These PST files would then be saved in local hard disk, or in external hardware like CDs, DVDs and pendrives. However, PST files are undeniably infamous for corruption. You can already guess it when there are so many PST repair tools available on the Internet like Kernel Recovery for PST and OutlookFIX Professional. If your PST file is corrupted by any chance, or hard disk is crashed, or laptop is stolen or lost, all your emails will be gone forever.

With e-storage Mail Archive, you don’t need to worry about all these issues – we don’t save emails in PST files, and everything is in the cloud – your archived mails are always available anytime you need them.

Reduced cost of storing and restoring of emails

If you’re managing your own mail archive system, you will probably need the extra money to hire a technical support to manage your system, to purchase hardware like CDs, DVDs, tapes, hard drives or an in-house server to store your emails, to upgrade and maintain the archive system every now and then— which can get extremely expensive.

As e-storage Mail Archive is easy-to-use and user friendly, you can eliminate the need of technical resources and manpower to perform any archiving and restoring of emails. And since everything is kept in the cloud, you don’t need to purchase any physical hardware to archive your emails. No more extra costs for additional hardware, system maintenance and technical resources.