Contact Backup & Restore

Backup your phone contacts via e-storage before losing them due to phone lost.

If your phone is lost, damaged or stolen, all your contacts will be gone forever if you haven’t have them backed up. Think about the hassles of collecting the contact information again from your friends, family, colleagues and business partners— it could be devastating.

Well, not anymore with e-storage's contact backup app ‐ e-Contact.

Over-the-air contact backup with multiple versions

Backing up contacts using e-storage mobile app is simply easy and convenient. With just a few clicks, you are able to backup your contacts and store them to the cloud, where you can access anywhere, at anytime. You don’t need to go through extra steps like cabling your phone to your notebook or laptop, synching to/from your emails, or import to and export from SIM and SD cards— everything is done over the air!

There is no limitation on how many contact files you can save. You can back up as many contact files as you want from your Android phones, iPhones and iPods, as long as your e-storage space is sufficient.

Hassle-free contact restore to any iPhone and Android phones

If you lost your phone, or accidentally deleted some contacts, don’t panic. Restoring contacts from e-storage is a breeze— just select the contact file that you have backed up and restore it, and your contacts will be restored in place— just like magic.

You don’t need to go through the hassles like keying in contacts from piles of name cards into your new phone, or asking each of your friends to send you their numbers through Facebook or Twitter.

Move contacts from iPhone to Android, or vice versa

Switch to a new phone and want to directly transfer contacts from your existing phone to this new phone? No problem at all.

You’ll just need to back up your contacts from your existing phone and restore them to the new phone. As easy as that.

Your contacts are transferable to any Android mobile phones, iPhones and iPod Touch.