The Benefits of e-storage

  • Access from anywhere, anytime.
    Upload or back up your documents, photos, contacts and important files to e-storage where you can access and restore at anytime, even on the go on any device.
  • Protection from critical data loss due to hardware crashes, natural disasters, thefts and break-ins. You can recover your files almost instantly with StorageSync.
  • Unlimited devices.
    Install e-storage mobile app and StorageSync on all your devices for free. We don’t limit the number of devices you can use for your e-storage account.
  • Cross-platform and multiple accesses.
    Access your documents, photos, videos and other files from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android phone from any location at anytime.
  • Many ways of file sharing.
    e-storage offers you multiple ways of sharing huge files and collaborating with your colleagues and business partners where you don’t have to worry about the file size.
  • Secure file sharing with password encryption to protect your files while sharing over the Internet.
  • Over-the-air contact backup with unlimited versions. No cabling phones to PC, synching to/from emails, or import to/ export from SIM and SD cards.
  • Instantly restore contacts to any iPhones and Android phones at anytime, anywhere when your phone is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Conveniently move and share contacts between any iPhones and Android phones.
  • Turn on and forget.
    Setup automated backup on your desktop, laptop or servers using StorageSync and let the service backs up or synchronizes the files daily, weekly or monthly for you.
  • Control user access with user control access rights (UCAR) setting where you can allow different access to different folders.
  • Additional security with SSL login and transfers, antivirus scanning and encryption/decryption features.
  • No NSA enforcement as we treat your privacy our top priority.
  • Keep costs low as you don’t need to hire expensive IT support personnel or purchase extra hardware and software to manage your own file storage. Everything is in the cloud!
  • Free support services. We provide business hour phone support and 24x7 email support for free.